Disclaimer: Please note that Zeroflux is not a medicine nor do their producers claim that it shall cure acid reflux. It should by no means replace the treatment and/or prescribed by your doctor. If in any doubt, consult your doctor and proceed as he or she advices.

Zeroflux is a new invention and its patent is pending. It positively affects the damaged gastroesophageal valve through the specially designed magnetic field.

• The reason for acid reflux is weakening of the gastroesophageal valve thus letting the stomach contents leek up the esophagus. Zeroflux applies a gentle magnetic massage to the gastroesophageal valve and helps it to gain its functions back. Because the body heals itself, healthy state becomes permanent.

• Before using the Zeroflux, see your doctor and make sure that your problems are due to acid reflux.

• The magnetic effect of Zeroflux may be harmful to those carrying an implant such as a pacemaker, who have metallic implants such as restrictors or artificial valves at their stomachs.

Zeroflux has not been tested on pregnant women, children under the age of 3 and cancer patients. Therefore it is not recommended to use it on such patients.


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ZEROFLUX Anti-reflux Pendant.

How to use Zeroflux Anti-reflux Pendant?

Zeroflux Anti-reflux Pendant is marked with inscription of ‘30 Min.’ on one side and ‘5 Min.’ on the other side. Application is made 2 finger breadths (3 cm) below the lower edge of the sternum (breast bone), which coincides with the gastroesophageal valve.

Zeroflux Anti-reflux Pendant application is made once a day and takes 35 minutes. Begin the treatment with the side inscribed ‘30 Min.’, facing the body and keep it on for 30 minutes. Then the side inscribed ‘5 Min.’, immediately applied to the same point for 5 minutes. If for any reason application of the ‘30 Min.’ side exceeds 30 minutes, then the ‘5 Min.’ side must be applied for 10 minutes. This application can be done during patient’s normal daily routine.

Treatment period will change in accordance with the severity of patient’s condition. Experience shows that in light cases it can be as short as 1 week whereas in most severe cases it can be as long as 3 months. As a rule of thumb, treatment must last twice as long as the time it takes for all symptoms to disappear. For example, if the symptoms disappear in one week, treatment must be extended another week. Likewise, if symptoms disappear after 20 days, treatment must last in 40 days.

After use, return Zeroflux Anti-reflux Pendant to its box and do not bring it near electronic equipment, magnets or mobile phones. Such interactions may damage the electronic directing circuit of Zeroflux Anti-reflux Pendant or can affect your equipment adversely.


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